Purtzki Transitions has its roots in the CPA firm of Purtzki Johansen + Associates, which has served dental clients for 40 years. As trusted advisors with extensive experience in the dental industry, it was a natural expansion of our accounting services to help our clients navigate the milestones in their careers: the purchase or sale of their practice, or starting a successful practice from scratch.

With the growing demand for transition services, we established Purtzki Transitions as a separate entity, so that dentists who were not our accounting clients could benefit from our experience and expertise.

Professional integrity is the cornerstone of Purtzki Transitions; we build strong relationships with every transition client. We put each client’s needs first, to ensure that their transition becomes a rewarding experience.

We share the same philosophy as Purtzki and Associates: “The only thing to do is the right thing to do”. With respect to the absolute highest ethical standards, we put the needs of the client first before our own.

Creating a win-win transition is not a cliche for us: It is our purpose!

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