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For most dentists, their practice is the most valuable asset. You count on the proceeds from the eventual practice sale to fund your retirement. A professional valuation of your practice is critical when making key decisions, such as planning for retirement, or adding a cost-sharing partner.

Assessing the true value of your practice is an important step in the selling process. PURTZKI TRANSITION has developed an extremely accurate method for determining the greatest value a practice in its specific marketplace. Representing both sellers and buyers as transition specialists and accountants gives us extensive market knowledge and experience not available to other dental transition firms. The result will be a purchase price you can confidently expect to receive on Closing Date.

A purchaser will pay for your dental practice what they believe, how they feel, and who they trust. If the purchaser believes the valuation is accurate, feels good about you and the staff, completely trusts that the valuator has been objective and fair, then there is a high probability that he or she will pay the full appraised value.

We not only give you an accurate valuation of your practice, but can help implement strategies to maximize practice value. A $100,000 increase in annual cash flow of can boost the selling price by as much as $250,000, and with the right income tax strategies the sales proceeds are tax-free.

We use our proven, five-step appraisal process that includes:

  • Proprietary Questionnaire– We first ask you to complete our detailed proprietary questionnaire. This is the major data gathering step of the process and includes financial and dental practice management software reports as well as ‘fill-in-the-blank” questions.
  • Comprehensive Analysis– Our team then reviews each question and document provided to assemble the vital information that feeds the overall assessment of your practice.
  • Performance Evaluation– We carefully examine several year’s financial information from your dental practice’s operation and prepare a cash flow analysis in order to evaluate the stability and strength of the practice..
  • Multiple valuation methods– We utilize several valuation methods, including reviewing comparative sales in the vicinity of your practice,to accurately determine the value of your dental practice, rather than relying on just one.
  • Detailed Valuation Report– The end result of the valuation process is a comprehensive 30+-page narrative that leaves no stone unturned. Page after page highlights key financials of your dental practice along with results, analysis, and conclusions we derived from the various valuation methods.

Knowing the value of your dental practice is critical in planning your exit strategy. A professional valuation gives you a complete picture of the true profitability of your practice and helps measure practice growth prior to sale.

Contact us to discuss the valuation of your practice, and how you can reap financial rewards for the many years of hard work and dedication to your profession.

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