Why Start From Scratch?

Practice Startup Benefits: Designing and building your clinic allows you to shape your work environment. You choose the number of operatories, the dental chairs, equipment, lighting, art, the reception area, and the ambiance and atmosphere. Investing your time and money in your clinic and your future, not someone else’s. You can choose your location in […]

Key Takeaways when Buying a Practice

  Find the right clinic for you the first time; there are no do-overs. Owning a clinic is like owning a dog; it’s a long-term commitment that requires constant attention. Be 100 percent sure that owning a dental practice fits your personal and professional goals, aspirations, and capabilities. Owning a dental practice means managing a […]

The Break-Even Analysis: A Must Have Tool In Finding A Great Practice

Think of a break-even analysis as a little like a depth finder on a boat—it tells you how close you are to running aground. Put another way; it shows you how far the revenues of the practice you are considering purchasing can drop before it hits rock-bottom. In this case, rock-bottom is the moment net […]

Wealth Building Tips for Dentists

Building wealth is not the result of making more or having a financial whiz on your team. It is the result of spending more of your time to reach your financial goals. If your most important goal is to pay off the mortgage, or save for retirement, how much effort are you putting in to […]